To everyone who dropped what they were doing during this busy holiday season to make art with me: strangers, friends, coworkers - it was an such an honor to create with you. 


Violin: The very talented Christian Ward. He made the emotion of the song come to life on a whole new level. The intuition and passion with which he plays simply amazes me.

Percussion: Daniel Long. A beautiful soul with incredible vision for what the song needed. He even skipped his lunch break on a very long day so we could record symbol swells. You can hear him play with the band, Yardley.

Bass: Jacob Robertson. A musician and coworker who can play just about anything and is currently in about five bands. He also was kind enough to fit me in to a very busy schedule on his birthday of all days to make this happen. 

Guitar: My friend Matt Sanderlin, one of the most creative driven people I know. He has many projects going at the moment, you can follow him on Instagram and find his new album Parishop here. 

Piano: Yours truly.


(click their names to find them and their projects on Social Media)

Valor (vocalist and co-lyricist)

Shelley Ann Edge 

Rachael Jamison 

Sarah Green

Kristina O'Quinn

Aine O'Quinn 

Kaeligh Rigdon

Sharon Powers 

Jeremy Cutts

Beth Ragland 

Margaret Franks 

Matthew Franks 

Mandy Graffeo 

Brian S.




Thank you all.