Jazmine Hadaway

I first met Jazmine at a music video shoot I was doing with Matt Sanderlin where she was taking candid shots.  Jazmine was charming, beautiful, funny, and genuine, with an ease about her that seemed to invite the people around her to relax and be.


I liked her from the first.

When the shoot was over, I looked Jazmine up online and was blown away by the evocative, extraordinary images on her website. She works primarily in female portraiture and imparts an essence of affirmation and beauty to everything she touches. I was thrilled when she agreed to talk with me about her journey as an artist and the underlying inspirations behind her moving portraits of femininity.




Willa: Why do you love photography?

Jazz: I love photography primarily because it gives me the opportunity to create and capture the essence of who my subjects are! It’s a very fun and freeing thing to set everything up to capture exactly the vision I have in my mind. I love making people feel good about themselves and showing them how lovely they are and sharing that loveliness with the world!


W: Why do you love women as subjects?

J: I love shooting with women because it’s such a great opportunity to show the world who each individual is. Today, so many images of women are provocative or trying to use women’s bodies to sell you something. In my images, I hope to portray their personalities and the essence of who they are. I just want to empower women to be themselves in the world.


W: How do you feel about yourself as a woman? Does your work influence how you feel about women (or vice versa? How has that evolved?

J: I have a very low view of myself most of the time, and so I think I make an extra effort to give to others the words and encouragement I sometimes need to hear when we’re shooting. I love talking throughout photo shoots, continuously complimenting whoever I’m working with and just encouraging them in any way I can. It has really made me want to tell every girl I see how lovely she is!


W: Is there a message you hope your photography communicates?

J: I hope my photography conveys love, grace, and strength. I want people to view my work and think about what emotions and personalities the models have. I want people to see those pictures and understand something more about the subject or about themselves. I hope every image I produce generates a desire for depth in the viewer and that it reflects less of myself and more of others.

W: When I look at your photographs, I feel as if I am looking at a persons essence brought to the surface? Do you feel that way? Is that your goal and how do you do that?

J: I do feel that way! It is very much my goal. I want others to FEEL things when they see my images. I want other women to see the women I’ve worked with and feel empowered and encouraged and relate to the images. I hope that in seeing the depth and complexity of others, we will find that same depth and complexity in ourselves, and love it just a little more every time.


W: I find your work very healing. I’m curious if it is also healing for you.

J: I think my work is healing primarily when I get to reach out to someone and ask if they’d like to model. From there, we usually grab a coffee and just get to know one another, and then, once I feel I understand more about the model, we shoot. And it is so magical just to be able to work together and compile ideas for poses and locations. It fills up my soul when I know that I have collaborated with another person to hand craft images that reflect who they are.


W: How do you hope to impact the world or women in general with your art?

J: I’m not sure my work will ever impact the world as a whole, but I do hope women will feel a little more encouraged, beautiful, and strong after working with me.


W: What’s next for you? What are you currently dreaming up?

J: Next up is more of the same! Lots of photography projects in store with powerful women and destiny seekers. I am thrilled to be a part of so many women’s lives. Women are beautiful and I am honored to enable them to become who they are. I’m ready to keep working, keep encouraging others, and push myself further creatively.


You can find Jazmine on Insta @alsojazmine.

Her website is www.alsojazmine.com