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Reclaiming the Goddess

interviewed by Eric Osborne

I don’t know anyone personally who has killed themselves because of depression, but I love a lot of depressed people who dream of trying. Some of them have been on SSRI medications for decades to help treat their imbalance, some used counseling, some used religious discipline, or ketamine, or meditation, or diet and exercise, or self-medicated, or did all the above. Despite everything they did to help themselves, five of my dear friends got close enough to the edge to make a suicide plan—my ex-husband was one of them.

Like most people, Troy had limited success with SSRI medicine and the side affects outweighed the minimal gain—which to him was a kind of numbing to anxiety, and a deeper numbing to everything else. After our marriage crumbled under the weight of the depression, he tried a different treatment—psilocybin: a natural plant medicine, that is currently illegal in the States. He flew to a retreat center in Jamaica to do it legally, and it gave him a new life. His depression is gone, and has not returned because what was treated was not symptoms-based, but as he refers to it, “a core swap.” I re-met him a few months after he got back, and was so blown away by the undeniable change I saw in him, that I went to the island in July to experience the healing for myself. The interview above holds the story of my twelve days at the retreat center.

The drug is non-toxic, non-addictive, without side-affect, and impossible to overdose—ironic, when you consider that using this drug in the States holds the same legal consequence as shooting heroin. Happily, psilocybin is currently undergoing clinical trials for treatment of depression, the results of which are so promising that the FDA has just granted psilocybin a “break-through therapy status,” so that it might be studied more widely, and possibly put on a fast-track to legalization.

A beautiful life is possible, one free of depression, despair, and numbness.

I believe psilocybin is pointing the way.